Thuasne Elastic Elbow Support


  • Mild elbow sprains
  • Chronic Elbow instability
  • Suitable for use during sport
  • Preventative care
  • Available in 4 sizes

Elastic sleeve that provides added stability to the elbow joint through compression. Suitable for use during exercise or day-to-day when recovering from elbow injuries, operation or when you require added support to vulnerable joints. The support features a ‘comfort zone’ which allows for easy centering of the elbow and is very stretchy which means you have all the benefits of compression without the excess bulk.

Available in four sizes. Use the chart below and measure around the elbow to find your perfect fit.

SizeElbow Circumference (cm)
Small22 cm - 24 cm
Medium25 cm - 27 cm
Large28 cm - 30 cm
XL31 cm - 33 cm


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